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Dyna-King Trekker
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Dyna-King Trekker Vise - Pedestal Base (Free Shipping)

The Dyna-King Trekker features great hook holding jaws and a fool proof cam adjustment lever. Same hook holding capability as the larger models. The Trekker Vise without the base weighs less than 1/2 lb. so is a viable "travel vise"

* Weighs less than 1/2 pound without the base
* Handles hook sizes from 22 to 8/0
* Ball bearings for smooth rotation *
Adjustable rotational drag
* Includes bobbin hanger and heavy duty pedestal base

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Dynaking Trekker Pedestal Vise $325.00 Add to Cart


* Ball Bearings for smooth rotation
* Adjustable rotational drag
* Easy adjustments for a wide range of hooks, 8/0-22
* Includes bobbin hanger
* Offered here are the pedestal base version


* Hook range: 8/0-22
* Length, Jaw tip to end 8-1/2"
* Height, Jaw tip to desk 7"
* Weight, with Pedestal=5.5lb

Customer Reviews

  • 1/14/2012 3:28:40 PM by A.Kostic

    3 months ago I bought the Dyna King Trekker and as of now I´m very pleased with it. Since I travel a lot, mostly via air, I chose the Trekker over the Barracuda for it´s size. However I´d suggest to buy the vise with an additional clamp in case you want to travel with it. The base is quite heavy (more than 3 lbs.) and ads a lot of bulk to your pack. Technically I have no complaints whatsoever, the vise works very well. It is very stable, both with the pedestal and the clamp. The jaws have a lot of holding power, keeping any hook in a tight grip. To make it absolutely perfect the clamps should be cut out rectangular on the inside instead of curved (to get the vise closer to the Table) and the Trekker should have a material grip, too. I just ordered one, I think it makes a lot of tying steps much easier. It goes with me all the time in the Fishpond Road Trip Bag I bought with it, which makes it much more fun if I have to kill some jetlagged time in a hotel room... Service by Chicago Fly Fishing was flawless as always, shipping was very quick!

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