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Jim & Kelly Watt
DVD ISBN: 1-932978-79-8

The most popular flies developed during the past 70 years, including black nosed dace, humpy, muddler, elk hair caddis, irresistible, & more. Covers: proper material to use, thread for managing the material, techniques & those little tricks to take out the guess work of tying hair trout flies. Thread pressure & material control are also emphasized along with techniques for placing the material in the correct place.

116 min.

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Advanced Hair Trout Flies DVD Chris Helm $12.50 Add to Cart

Selecting the correct material is a major part of tying these flies. The bucktail, deer hair, elk, moose and caribou, and hackle are explained so the viewer has a full comprehension of what to use on certain styles of flies. Once the student has mastered these patterns any other fly of a similar nature will not be an imposing task.

Gel spun thread along with the more established nylon and polyester threads are also discussed.

Every fly demonstrated in this production should be found in every fly fisher's fly box. Tying your own will give that extra measure of satisfaction when you catch fish with your own craftsmanship.

Hook: Gaelic Supreme 4x streamer size 4
Thread: Wapsi 140 white, Wapsi 70 black
Tail: Red gift wrap yarn, one strand
Body: Medium silver mylar tinsel, small oval silver tinsel
Wing: Bucktail, white, black, brown
Head: Wapsi 70 denier black

Hook: Daiichi 1190 size 12
Thread: Wapsi 140 denier red, 70 denier red, yellow, chartreuse, orange
Tail: Nature's Spirit moose body hair
Body: Wapsi 140 denier red, yellow, chartreuse, orange
Hump and Wing: Nature's Spirit natural early season cow elk
Hackle: Whiting grizzly saddle or neck
Head: Wapsi 70 denier red or color to match body

Hook: Daiichi 1750 4X long size 4
Thread: Wapsi 140 denier red Gel spun 70 denier
Tail: Wild turkey secondary wing feathers
Body: Flat tinsel braid in gold
Under-wing: Gray squirrel tail
Wing: Wild turkey secondary wing feathers
Collar & Head: Medium length whitetail deer hair

Hook: Daiichi 1130 size 10
Thread: Benecchi 10/0 sandy - 120 denier
Body: Velveteen dubbing, extra fine silver wire, Whiting saddle hackle to match dubbing
Wing: Nature's Spirit early season cow elk, natural or bleached

Hook: Gaelic Supreme 2xl dry fly hook size 10
Thread: Benecchi 55 denier white gel spun 70 denier black
Wing: Calf body hair, white
Tail: Nature's Spirit moose body hair
Body: Caribou
Hackle: Whiting grizzle neck or saddle
Head: Wapsi 70 black

Hook: Daiichi 1190 Size 10
Thread: Benecchi ultra strong gel spun white 55 denier, Gudebrod 10/0 -45 denier color to match dubbing
Tail: Microfibetts
Body: Velveteen dubbing, color tier's choice
Wing: Early season northern whitetail hair 1"
Head: Gudebrod10/0 color to match fly

Chris Helm has been tying flies for 35 years. His demonstration and workshop travels have taken him to eight European countries and throughout the US and eastern Canada. Although he is well known for his study of whitetail deer and working with deer hair, he ties and teaches all types of flies. In 2004 The Federation of Fly Fishers presented him with the Buz Buszak Memorial Fly Tying Award, which is the highest award available to any tier. He has written numerous articles or deer hair, thread, specific fly patterns for various fly fishing and fly tying magazines both here and abroad. Since l993 he has completed 11 fly tying DVDs. He enjoys all types of fishing but has a special love for bonefish, permit, bass, bluegill, grayling, and pike.

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