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Aaron Jasper
ISBN: 0-AJ-30

Indicator style nymphing enables anglers to present small flies to heavily pressured fish with precision. Rigging, casting, mending, fly and weight selection as well as several scenarios are covered. The casting and ending segments were filmed in slow motion with voice overs to enable viewers to easily learn the techniques.

215 min.

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The majority of fly fishermen begin nymph fishing using traditional tight-line methods with split shot and no indicator and most early attempts at nymphing are done with rigs of similar modified design. These styles of nymphing are effective on smaller streams. However, many anglers find out when venturing onto larger riversand tailwaters with little gradient, where presenting flies at a distance is necessary to catch trout, that no single nymphing technique fits every situation.

The rigging itself is at the heart of "The Dead Drift Technique, and variations on the rig depend on water type, depth, and speed. The flies are of secondary importance. This video will show you the leader needed to indicator nymph. Weight and fly selection will also be covered. This video also includes the various casting techniques. Last, mending is extremely important in getting a near perfect dead drift and is thoroughly covered.

This film is the culmination of over 25 years of on stream research and experience by Aaron Jasper.

Filmed in NY, PA, Montana and Oregon.

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