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Fishpond Quikshot Rod Holder
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Fishpond Quikshot Rod Holder

The closest thing to having a full time rod caddie on the water with you. The best Rod Holder that we have ever found!

Haven't you wished that there was a good way to carry a second rod with you while fishing? Now you can switch from dry to streamer or from bonefish fly to permit rig quickly.

With the flip of the FidLock, grab your other rod which straps to most Fishpond Packs and it's time to strip line, make the shot, and do battle.

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Fishpond Quikshot Rod Holder $29.95 Add to Cart

Fishpond Quickshot Rod Holder Features:

* Thermoformed molded rod holder cradles any size rod handle
* Webbing loop with a polytube overlay for holding the butt of a standard rod or a fighting butt
* FidLock magnetic buckle with elastic cording adjustment secures the rod handle into the rod cradle, and releases your fully rigged rod with just one quick pull.
* Custom made clip on back attaches the rod holder to the side of most waterproof Fishpond packs.

Fishpond QuikShot Rod Holder | In the Field from Fishpond USA on Vimeo.

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