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Howitzer Baitfish Popper Heads
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Howitzer Baitfish Popper Heads

Flymen Howitzer Popper Heads are available in two sizes-Large-6 per pack Medium-8 per pack. Available in two colors White and Yellow chartreuse.

Large - 1"wide x 5/8" tall, takes 8.5mm eyes, 6 per pack
Medium - 3/4" wide x 1/2" tall, takes 6mm eyes, 8 per pack.

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Description Color Size Price Availability
Howitzer Popper Head White M $5.95 Add to Cart
Howitzer Popper Head White L $5.95 Add to Cart
Howitzer Popper Head Yellow Chartreuse M $5.95 Add to Cart
Howitzer Popper Head Yellow Chartreuse L $5.95 Add to Cart

The Howitzer imitates the head of a small minnow (or baitfish) that is splashing and sipping at the surface of the water. It's designed with a deep recess at the back of the head so that an articulated body and tail of a minnow can be embedded seamlessly into the back of the head. As a result, the body of the minnow hangs down in the water (roughly at a 45-degree angle) and moves enticingly in a position that can be seen by predatory fish from a long distance and offers them an irresistible profile and an easy opportunity for a meal!

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