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Renzetti Presentation 2300 Vise

Renzetti Presentation 2300 Vise

Among the features are the Renzetti's patented adjustable jaw hinge and anti corrosion coated cam jaws, allowing the tyer to achieve True Rotary action, a ratchet rotary actuator, adjustable bobbin cradle, a standard powder coated pedestal base, plus an adjustable hinge stem that allows you to tilt the vise head up or down adding comfort and versatility to your vise.

Offering the tier the same features as the Presentation 2000 plus a material clip and a black finish.

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Description Price Availability
Renzetti Presentation 2300 Vise (P2304) $359.99 1-2 Weeks

Renzetti Presentation 2300 Features

* All anodized aluminum
* Hinged rotary head and shaft
* Ratchet crank arm
* Rotary tension knob
* Advanced rotary actuator
* Bobbin cradle
* Patented adjustable jaw hinge
* Anti-corrosion coated patented cam jaws
* Stainless steel stem
* Standard powder coated base with 7" stem
* Black Finish
* Materials clip included

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