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Hareline Strung Marabou

Hareline Strung Marabou

Use these strung marabou blood quills for all of your marabou needs.
From tailing buggers to collaring streamers, marabou has many applications.

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Description Color Price Availability
Strung Marabou Gray $4.49 Add to Cart
Strung Marabou Purple $4.49 1-2 Weeks
Strung Marabou Shell Pink $4.49 1-2 Weeks
Strung Marabou Bright Purple $4.49 1-2 Weeks

Customer Reviews

  • 3/6/2012 11:48:28 AM by Ben T

    For the most part strung marabou is well..strung marabou. The packs I have ordered have came with some stiff feathers (good for tails) as well as quite a bit of soft stemmed feathers (good for palmering). Either way, I was suprised at how bright the fl. orange and fl. yellow were. Deffinitely stand out!

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